Mexicans are serious about their celebrations, and they’ve wisely packed the calendar with days for parties. This week is the biggest party of the year, Mexican Independence Day. Flags will be waved, fireworks will be displayed, drinks are poured, and thousands of people gather in main squares across the country to celebrate “El Grito,” or the call to independence made by Miguel Hidalgo back in 1810.

Most people in the USA don’t realize it, but Mexican Independence Day is actually this week – officially on September 16th (but the big party happens throughout the night on the 15th). In honor of the festivities, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best tequila-based drinks with which to enjoy such an occasion.

To pull this off, we invited a few of our favorite Mexico City drinking-buddies to our house to taste test several popular drinks made with tequila.

Here’s our lineup: straight tequila (we used Siete Leguas blanco); a “bandera,” which is a shot of tequila, sangrita and lime juice, lined up like the colors of the Mexican flag; a margarita (we made a “Pure Magarita“); and a “batanga” (tequila, Coke and lime juice.)

Our friends John, a long-time Mexico City resident, and Laura, an “authentic” Mexican, helped us decide which drink was best for the occasion.

Which celebratory drink will reign supreme? The complete tasting can be seen on the video (above.)

(By the way, after the taping both John and Laura agreed that the margarita was pretty darn tasty. To make a batch for yourself, head on over to our “Pure Margraita” tequila drink recipe.)

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  1. Guys I think you made your batanga wrong looks like you have too much lime juice.And needs a bit of saly too. Khrys would know this better but the drink was created by Don Javier at his bar La Capilla in Tequila Mexico. If i remember correctly he created it for a tequila brand pro mo.


    • It could be, Wichie. We’re certainly not expert bartenders! We found a few recipes online and followed the one that seemed like the most accurate. Sounds like we should go to Tequila and talk to Don Javier himself — which we could do while we’re in Tequila next week…


  2. I’ve been lurking for awhile; this is my first post.

    Thanks for sharing the drink ideas! It may not be authentic, but I sure enjoy a good pure margarita. I’m a fan of the Bermejo recipe, but I’m looking forward to trying yours.

    I agree with you folks though, it’s often best to let the tequila stand on its own.


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