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What does $620 of tequila look like?

Speedy delivery! This came in the mail today from Hi-Time Wine Cellars, all in one big heavy box! (We ordered it about 36 hours ago. These guys are fast.)

(From left to right) Don Fulano Imperial 5 year, 123 Reposado, 123 Añejo, Meloza Blanco/Reposado/Añejo, Excellia Añejo, Canicas Reposado, IXA Silver, and Revolucion 100-proof Silver.

We’re planning to review a few of these in the very near future – stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you’ve already tasted some (or all) of these tequilas, please let us know what you think. Leave us a comment!

4 Responses to “What does $620 of tequila look like?”

  1. What did you think of the Canicas, IXA and Meloza?


  2. Also, I want to know what you thought of the 1-2-3. I’m considering buying the whole line to review for myself. Thanks for any insights.


  3. The Meloza Blanco is absolutely fantastic. I prefer it ($30 around Portland, OR) to most $40/$50 blancos. Enjoy!


  4. Hola, we’ve had the 123 Organic Tequila, all of them in fact.
    They are delicious. The blanco is spicy but not overbearing and really smooth.
    The reposado is soooo smooth, slightly sweet, lots of vanilla, a sipper that is just fantastic.
    And the añejo just takes it one step further. Smooth, elegant, delicious but somehow slightly drier.
    We liked them so much we are now importing it into New Zealand!
    Enjoy, you won’t be disappointed.


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