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How to have a classy Cinco de Mayo

Hey, it’s Cinco de Mayo, and that means drinking Mexican booze and beer with wild abandon! Or does it? Instead of reliving your binge-drinking college days, why not take the time to celebrate the day with some super classy tequila cocktails?

We’ve compiled a list of tequila cocktails that you can make at home that will impress your friends and make you look like you just walked off the set of Mad Men. Give these recipes a try, and keep it classy, people!

Tequila Old Fashioned (Sazerac)
Tequila Sazerac (Old Fashioned)This is an absolutely delicious and crowd-pleasing cocktail for people who prefer to drink their tequilas neat, and it’s not a very difficult one to create at home. You may be surprised how much you will love this.

What you’ll need:
Fortaleza Añejo tequila
Agave nectar
Peychaud’s Bitters
Absinthe (in a spritzer bottle if possible)
Orange peel

Remember Me, Mang
remember-me-mangThis is an agave-modified version of a classic cocktail called “Remember the Maine”, which usually involves bourbon or rye whiskey. Mexican spirits (tequila and mezcal) are used instead, which makes it perfect for a Cinco de Mayo celebration.

What you’ll need:
Casa Noble Anejo
Wahaka mezcal (to coat the glass)
Cherry Heering (a Danish cherry liqueur)
Sweet Vermouth
Angostura bitters

Tequila Last Word / “My Heart Will Go On”
Tequila Cocktail Recipe: "My Heart Will Go On"This recipe puts a tequila twist on a classic cocktail called “The Last Word,” which originally used gin. Thanks to Adam Stemmler for creating this cocktail for us!

What you’ll need:
Blanco tequila
Green Chartreuse (a French cordial)
Luxardo Maraschino Originale liqueur
Fresh squeezed lime juice

The “Pure” Margarita
pure-margaritaIf you absolutely must go with a margarita, we suggest keeping it pure and simple, and stick with tequila, lime juice, and agave nectar. It just may be the most delicious margarita you’ve ever had, and it’s very easy to make.

What you’ll need:
Blanco tequila
Fresh squeezed lime juice
Agave nectar
Spring water

Tequila, neat!
Hardcore Tequila TastingOf course, the best way to drink tequila is straight. It only involves 1 ingredient and requires no special bar tools, which makes it the easiest cocktail recipe in the world! Why not encourage your friends to slow down and taste a quality 100% agave tequila? Challenge them to “warm up” their mouths prior to tasting, and experience the variety of complex aromas, flavors, and sensations that tequila can deliver.

We created a 2-part video series that will show you how to conduct a proper tequila tasting in your own home.

Hardcore Tequila Tasting, Part 1: Warming Up Your Mouth
This might seem a little silly, but give it a try. It really does make a big difference!

Hardcore Tequila Tasting, Part 2: The Casa Noble Treasure Bottle
Choosing a high quality tequila is important when you slow down and sip. This video will tell you what to look for in the aromas and flavors, and where you can find them in the glass.

What you’ll need:
100% Agave Tequila
A Riedel tequila glass, a champagne flute, or something similar

If you want to get really traditional, then you could also drink Sangrita (a tequila ‘chaser’). We have a fantastic sangrita recipe that you can make at home.

No matter which you choose, you’ll be celebrating Cinco de Mayo in style!

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  1. Going to give the Tequila Old Fashion a try. Might I suggest making it with Suavecito Tequila? Cheers!


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