Scarlet and I were sitting at Casa Fuerte, a restaurant in Tlaquepaque, Mexico, scanning through the tequila menu. I spotted something that I never heard of – Pueblo Viejo. Usually this excites us, because we love trying new tequila.

Pueblo Viejo Añejo

I looked at the price and my excitement faded. It was too cheap. I was certain that this couldn’t be very good because it wasn’t expensive enough, since I tend to shy away from any shot that doesn’t set me back at least $15, and this one was about 60 pesos (under $6).

I ordered it anyway, Pueblo Viejo Añejo, with sangrita.

Scarlet ordered a Tamarind Margarita, a drink that is unique to this restaurant.

When our drinks came to the table, the shot of Pueblo Viejo looked really good. It had a nice golden color, and it smelled like a beautiful blend of agave and vanilla. It had some crazy legs and my excitement was restored.

I tasted it. Warm, rich, and very, very smooth. A nice agave warmth in the back of my mouth lingered pleasantly for a bit, and then faded out gracefully, inviting me to taste again.

In short, I really liked it, and I was certain that Scarlet would too. I handed the glass to her, and she agreed. We were both pleasantly surprised.

I wasn’t the only happy drinker at the table, though. Scarlet was really enjoying her Tamarind Margarita. Sweet, a little spicy, but yet not overly-sweet. Definitely something she would order again (and she did.)

For the rest of our stay in Mexico, I was on the lookout for Pueblo Viejo Añejo, and was able to find it in a few places. Each time I would order it, almost as if I was still in disbelief.

We found ourselves in a cool bar in Guadalajara (we’re going to write about this place later) and I spotted it behind the bar. I ordered it just so I could watch the bartender pour it from the bottle so I could verify that it wasn’t just a fluke – and it was the same nice tequila, for the same cheap price.

I’ve been recommending it to all of my tequila-loving friends here in the US. I was unable to find it at BevMo, so I ended up buying it online for $30 at

We’ve been drinking it at home ever since. Good tequila that doesn’t break the bank — recession tequila!

Casa Fuerte is at Calle Independencia 224, Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Pueblo Viejo Anejo is produced by Casa San Matias.