During our last trip to Mexico, I was busy shooting many pictures of everything that looked interesting, and everything looks interesting in Jalisco. I was armed with two cameras that represented the widest possible spectrum in terms of camera quality and price.

On my shoulder was a Canon EOS 5D Mark II – a 21 megapixel monster that produces stunning digital images (and even high-def video.) It’s a professional-level SLR camera, big and heavy compared with any normal consumer-type camera. The quality is worth dealing with the size and weight.

In my pocket was my other camera. Or I should probably say, “camera.” My iPhone.

It isn’t even possible to compare the two cameras. But they each produce some very different-looking images and I found myself going to the iPhone camera frequently because I knew it would produce a very interesting effect.

I put together a collection of some of the images I shot with the iPhone during our time at the various distilleries. The images are definitely meant to be “artistic” and “fun.”

I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with the iPhone camera, and I’ll certainly continue. It’s a nice break from the ultra high quality of the Canon 5D, and its limitations can actually add to the creative process.

View the entire gallery of iPhone images.