The other night we were watching Alton Brown on the Food Network and we saw him make what looked like an absolutely scrumptious margarita. Knowing Alton, and his meticulous culinary skills, we thought to ourselves, “this has got to be good!”

What’s more, reviews of his margarita recipe on the Food Network website brought up all five stars with visitors rating it is the best margarita they had ever had.

Alton’s margarita is different in that instead of using just fresh squeezed lime juice he actually muddles limes and oranges to get the oils from the skin of the fruits and the pulps mixed into the drink, giving it a deeper, more citrus flavor.

Alton makes a mean margarita but when pitted his against the Pure margarita we had to say that the Pure came up on top for its clean and easy to drink qualities. Alton’s margarita was more like fruit juice with a pleasant tequila kick. Both are excellent choices, so it’s really up to your tastes.

Alton’s margarita recipe includes:

2 ounces tequila
4 limes, divided
Half small Valencia or Hamlin orange
2 tbsp agave nectar

The full recipe, with directions, is available on the Food Network website.