We love tequila, but not all tequila. Case in point: Chaya Añejo. Both Scarlet and I found it rather unpleasant, although the bottle has a cool design. Unfortunately, a unique bottle doesn’t correct its unpleasant taste.

(This video of us tasting it should speak for itself.)

Chaya Añejo is said to have “earthy tones,” and I suppose that’s true. We smelled and tasted “cut grass” and “peat moss,” and not any agave at all. Honestly, we don’t want those kinds of tastes in our tequila.

We must assume that there are people in the world that like this stuff for the simple fact that BevMo makes it available on their store shelves. The bottle caught my attention, so I thought I would bring it home to Scarlet as a gift, since neither of us had ever tried it. I would love to hear from people who like this stuff – so leave a comment on this post if you do.

But, as for us, we won’t be buying this again.

— Grover