Calling all tequila addicts! We’re introducing a new weekly feature that will give you the lowdown on all the latest tequila news, posted each Friday. If you have tequila-related news of your own, please let us know.

With that, let’s get started! - new site coming soon. set to relaunch Feb. 1st – bigger and better.

Tequila reporter Mike Morales tells us that the online tequila magazine is set for a major revamp. It aims to be the premier website for tequila news, views, and reviews, along with content that won’t be available anywhere else on the Web.

Right now they’ve got the coolest looking online countdown clock we’ve ever seen.

Golfer John Daly has his own brand of tequila in the works.

The former hardcore drinker, known primarily for his love of beer, has yet to announce the name for his tequila but he does have a tagline: “Grip it and sip it.

Kate Hudson says she loves tequila.

However, the starlet recently gave up drinking wine and tequila to lose weight for her new movie “Nine.” We have news for you Kate—it wasn’t the tequila that was doing you in since it only contains about 100 calories per shot.

Milagro Tequila gets “fresh” with new duty free promotional pack.

The presentation box includes the recipe for “the world’s freshest margarita” using Agave Nectar and fresh squeezed lime juice in place of the traditional triple sec and sour mix. We laud any brand that helps promote “pure” margaritas over the sweet and sour sugar bombs made at most bars.

Republic Tequila expands into Colorado, and encourages mustache growth.

The brand was previously available only in Texas, so to celebrate its expansion they’ve done the only natural thing to do: hold a mustache-growing contest. I guess (most) tequila-loving women are left out. Sigh.

Partida Tequila soaks up growth.

What’s the best way to wash away your recession worries? Drink tequila. The good stuff. Maybe that’s why Partida owner Gary Shansby experienced 20% sales growth last year. Shansby, who started Vitamin Water, is only happy to help us get through these tough times, tastefully.

Former dot-commer makes a mean drink at Mission watering hole.

If there’s one thing a Bay Area dot-commer can do well, it’s spend venture capital cash, and drink. The San Francisco Examiner wrote a profile on Velvet Cantina bartender Peter Zimmer and his love of tequila and beer. This joint is in our neighborhood and it has a great atmosphere, if you can get a seat. It’s packed most days, for a reason.