Leopoldo Solis is the mastermind behind many well-respected tequilas. After our review of his most recent creation, Tequila Gran Dovejo, we were invited to meet Mr. Solis in person while he was traveling through Mexico City.

Solis is a “Master Tequilero,” and Casa Real, Campanario, Don Pilar, Real de Mexico, and Siembra Azul are some of his other creations.

We took the opportunity to interview Mr. Solis, and asked him what it’s like to be a Master Tequilero (a dream job for any tequila fan.) We also asked him to explain the difference between a tequila that is 38% alcohol (which is commonly found in Mexico) and that same tequila at 40% (found in the United States.)

When we asked Mr. Solis what someone needed to be a “Master Tequilero,” he didn’t hesitate with his reply – passion. This passion was evident off camera as well. While we were setting up the lights and camera, Mr. Solis was enthusiastically sharing his knowledge about how to properly taste tequila, from sipping and breathing techniques to experimenting with your own senses.

For example, he told us that since we are both right-handed, we should try looking to the right and down at the floor when smelling tequila aromas. Sure enough, we both detected stronger aromas on our right-hand sides than our left. (Apparently, if you’re left-handed the opposite is true.)

He also said that your senses will change if you’re looking up rather than down, even with your eyes closed. “Everything matters,” he said.

His attention to detail and sensorial elements can’t help but affect the quality of his tequilas.