The Tequila Mix MastersOur “Tequila Mix Masters” series continues with rockstar bartender and mixologist Dustin Haarstad of the Blind Tiger Cocktail Company. In this installment, he shows Scarlet how to make a Tequila Sazerac using Fortaleza Añejo tequila.

“A sazerac is the New Orleans version of a traditional Old Fashioned, which would normally use cognac or rye,” Haarstad said.

It’s a great cocktail for people who prefer to drink their tequilas neat, and it’s not a very difficult one to create at home.

“For this drink I use Fortaleza Añejo because the barrel-aged flavors and subtle butterscotch of the agave really shine through,” he said.

The finished cocktail has a nice strong citrus smell, with a rounded mouth feel. The añejo tequila really plays well with the citrus, and is absolutely delicious. We can easily see drinking this after dinner and really enjoying it.

Drink Name: Tequila Sazerac (Old Fashioned)

Mixologist: Dustin Haarstad, Blind Tiger Cocktail Company

Tequila Used: Fortaleza Añejo

Filmed At: Cafe Coyote, San Diego, CA


1.) Start with a pint glass

2.) Add 2 ounces of Fortaleza Añejo tequila

3.) Add 1/2 ounce of cocktail-ready agave nectar (from Tres Agaves)

4.) Add a few dashes (2-3) of Peychaud’s Bitters

5.) Add ice and stir (don’t shake!)

6.) Spritz the inside of a glass with Absinthe

7.) Strain the cocktail into the spritzed glass

8.) Top off the glass with a bit of orange peel