Here’s how you can give the Tequila Matchmaker enough information about your tequila preferences so that it will start giving you recommendations on what to try:

Transcript of the video:

Hi, this is Grover from and the Tequila Matchmaker, and I am going to show you how easy it is to start getting your own tequila matches from the Tequila Matchmaker app.

It’s pretty simple, really. The more you use it, the smarter it gets. The app will look at patterns found in your likes and dislikes and start figuring you out – then it will offer up suggestions for tequilas that you should try.

As you can see here in my personal profile screen, it’s full of zeros. That’s because it’s a new account and I haven’t entered any information yet. So, let’s change that.

Let’s pretend I am in a bar and the bartender has just poured me a glass of Casa Noble Reposado, I’ve tasted it, and, hey, it’s pretty good!

One really fast and simple way to start giving the app some useful data is to tap the “LIKE” button on a tequila’s profile screen.

If you went through the app and simply tapped “like” on all of the tequilas the you already know that you enjoy, the app will start getting enough information to give you custom tailored recommendations.

If you want to give the app even more information, you can RATE the tequila too. Tap the “Rate This Tequila” button. From here you can tell the app what you think about the tequila’s AROMA, FLAVOR, FINISH, and VALUE (was it worth the price you paid for it?)

Then you tell the app if you would BUY OR DRINK IT AGAIN, and if you would RECOMMEND IT TO A FRIEND.

If you have any tasting notes, you can enter them in the NOTES area. You can SHARE THIS REVIEW with everyone else, or you can opt to keep it private.

Then tap SAVE.

Pretty simple, right?

Now, let’s say you happen to know that you really like a brand, in this case, Casa Noble.

You can tap “LIKE” on a brand screen as well.

This doesn’t factor into the matching, but it does let you show that brand some appreciation.

To see your matches, just tap on the PROFILE button, then YOUR TEQUILA MATCHES.

Remember, the more you use it, the smarter it gets and the more accurate the suggestions will be.

And finally, this really comes in handy when you’re at a tequila bar and you’re trying to decide what tequila to order from a menu.

One tequila selection that we really like can be found at Colibri in San Francisco. So let’s use them as an example.

When we go to their profile screen in the app we can select MATCHES FOUND HERE and it will try and make the best match possible from the tequila selection on their bar.

These are the tequilas that the Tequila Matchmaker thinks I should try, based on the information I’ve given it so far (which is not all that much yet.)

Remember how we rated Casa Noble Reposado already?

It’s showing up in this list of FAVORITES FOUND HERE, so you can quickly scan from a list of the tequilas that you already tried and rated before.

The Tequila Matchmaker is a FREE app, and it’s available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. You can get it by going to