This week’s Weekend Sipper is:
Gran Dovejo Blanco High Proof – “Agave Explosion”

Thanks to this beauty, Cinco de Mayo should last all weekend long. This most recent product from Gran Dovejo is winning serious praise (and very high scores in our app) for a good reason: AGAVE.

If you think blancos are not for sipping, think again. And if high-proof products scare you off, don’t worry. This will be worth your time.

The Gran Dovejo High Proof Blanco is distilled to 49% abv before bottling. No water is added, so you’re getting the purest essence of what the spirit has to offer. If you are already a fan of the regular Gran Dovejo Blanco, you’re in for a treat. This is what it tastes like directly from the still.

The result is a complex blend of cooked agave, anise, earth and minerals. The higher proof also makes it a great cocktail ingredient, so grab a bottle at Old Town Tequila ($50), and use it to make a killer Cinco de Mayo margarita. (Or, you can be like us, and just sip it slow and straight.)

Have you tried this yet? Tell us what you think!