You’re probably either a tequila fan, or know someone who is. But what does it take to become an official Tequila Badass? You can reach this level, and beyond, by rating tequilas using the Tequila Matchmaker mobile app for iPhone and Android.

As you dig deeper into the spirit of tequila, your opinions and preferences change. These achievement levels are our fun way to recognize those people who are exploring, and sharing, the most.

We put together this handy list of qualities for each level. Which one suits you best?

Fan [0-4 ratings]
Congrats, you’re not a shot, salt, and lime type of person–you actually installed a pro tequila app. You’re a fan!

Enthusiast [5-9 ratings]
So many tequila, so little time! You’re discovering how broad and amazing the world of tequila is. Welcome, tequila enthusiast!

Lover [10-14 ratings]
Are you already in a relationship? If so, it’s time to give that person the bad news–tequila is your new love. Here’s to a long and lasting finish, tequila lover!

Fanatic [15-19 ratings]
Mimosas with brunch? I don’t think so! By now even your friends know that tequila is your drink of choice. Let’s face it, you’re a fanatic!

Freak [20-29 ratings]
“Did you know that tequila can only legally be made in 5 states in Mexico?” You’ve probably dazzled your friends with factoids like this many times by now. Why? Because you’re a tequila freak!

Maniac [30-39 ratings]
You’re not just drinking tequila, you’re getting maniacal about discovering your likes and dislikes. You’re rating tequilas like crazy, because you’re a maniac!

Warrior [40-49 ratings]
Tequila is so good that the whole world needs to know! You’re walking the walk, talking the talk, sipping and savoring. You’re more than a tequila evangelist, you’re a warrior!

Aficionado [50-59 ratings]
“You want to go where? Do they have good tequila there?” Look out, your tequila privilege is showing! You know what you like and you won’t settle for anything less because now you’re an aficionado!

Connoisseur [60-74 ratings]
By now you have a reputation as the go-to person to ask about tequila. Be gentle with your advice, my friend (“Umm, no, that’s a MIXTO!”), because not everyone is like you, a connoisseur.

Guru [75-99 ratings]
Whoa! Now you’re changing other people’s lives by preaching the love of tequila. You often drink with a gaggle of followers, because you are a guru!

Ninja [100-199 ratings]
You’re pulling out bottles that nobody has ever seen before, and dipping into your vast tequila knowledge. You’ve done your tequila training with skill–now you’re a tequila ninja!

Savant [200-299 ratings]
By now you’ve internalized all of your tequila knowledge. Production information, NOM numbers, and flavor profiles come naturally to you. You’re more than a scientist, you’re a savant!

Phenom [300-399 ratings]
Your tequila talents are becoming the talk of the town! Your dedication to, and love of the spirit is putting tequila on everyone’s radar. You’re not a flash in the pan, you’re a phenom!

Badass [400-499 ratings]
You’re confident (and sometimes cocky!) for a good reason. No one would dare challenge you on your tequila knowledge because you clearly know your stuff. You’ve earned your respect, which makes you a tequila badass!

Boss [500-599 ratings]
You find that people are checking with you first (phone calls, texts, emails) before they buy a tequila. They don’t want to let you down, because you’ve been promoted to tequila boss!

Wizard [600-999 ratings]
You’re a walking, talking, tequila-sipping encyclopedia. You can probably tell which tequila people will like just by looking at them. You’ve got so much knowledge that people are convinced that you are tapping directly into tequila’s magical powers. Ain’t no big thing for you, though, because you’re a wizard!

Honey Badger [1000+ ratings]
Let’s be blunt–at this point you’ll do anything and everything for tequila, and everyone knows it. Nothing gets between you and your precious juice. [See video].

Sure, drinking tequila is its own reward, but taking the time to rate tequilas is going above and beyond. Here is a fun way to show the world just how dedicated you are. Brag about what level you’re at and challenge your friends keep up! Happy sipping!

It takes dedication and commitment to reach “Honey Badger” status, but you can do it! Start today with the Tequila Matchmaker app!