This week’s Weekend Sipper is:
Tequila Los Valientes Reposado – “Budget tastiness? In the bag!”

This one caught us by surprise for several reasons. First, the price: at $29 we didn’t expect much, but you never know. Second, the packaging: a tequila bottle wrapped in a burlap sack? What was it hiding? Turns out, it’s only hiding tastiness.

You should know that this product is no longer in production. It was mostly available only in Mexico for a while. Now it has appeared in the U.S., and this is what we know about it:

It was made at NOM 1463, a distillery located in Magdalena, Jalisco. That’s the town on the highway you find yourself in if you accidentally miss the exit to Tequila. The agaves are cooked in brick ovens, extracted using a roller mill, and double distilled in stainless steel pot stills.

We also know that this stuff tastes darn good for the price. It has baked agave, vanilla, melon and cinnamon aromas and flavors. It’s slightly sweet and oily, and has a somewhat compact finish.

We’re going to be drinking this all weekend long. We suggest you head on over and get some from Old Town Tequila while supplies last. We’re really interested in what you think, too. Please rate it using the Tequila Matchmaker app!

Grab yours here, while they last: Tequila Los Valientes Reposado