Respeto Tequila Glassware

Show your “respect” for the agave with these custom-engraved Glencarin glasses. They are perfect for nosing and sipping, and not as delicate as flutes.

The inspiration for this comes from our popular “Respeto” t-shirt, where we honor and pay tribute to the majestic agave plant. Now, with every sip, you can give thanks to the agave plant for the gifts it provides to humanity.

The profit generated from the sale of these glasses goes directly to help fund the legal expenses required to defend the Additive-Free Alliance.

Tequila Tasting Glass (set of 2)

Order a Set of Two (2) Glasses

Price: $29.99 USD

Delivery: UPS Ground (USA Only*)

Description: These are the standard Glencairn nosing glasses that we use on a daily basis when sipping/tasting/evaluating any agave spirits. We use them because they allow the aromas and flavors to pass through to your nose and mouth similar to that of a standard Reidel glass, and are better with higher-proof (above 40% abv) spirits. They are durable and easy to wash.

*For addresses outside of the USA, please message us first for a price quote to cover the additional shipping and importation charges.

These glasses only ship in sets of 2.