These are the tequila resources, products, and services that we trust. Check them out!

Tequila Matchmaker app – The absolute best tequila mobile app for iPhone and Android, if we don’t say so ourselves! It’s free and it’s packed with information, reviews, ratings, and more.

Experience Tequila – Want a tour of Mexico and the Tequila region from an expert? Want to be able to get access to places in Mexico that most don’t ever get to see? Talk to Clayton at Experience Tequila, and tell him we sent you!

Long Island Lou Tequila – Lou is from Long Island, NY, and he loves tequila (who can blame him?) He gives you his honest opinion, at all times, and that’s something we appreciate! – A really great tequila website run by one of the most passionate fans of agave spirits we’ve ever met, Khrys Maxwell.

The Tequila Tracker – A journey to find, taste and learn about the world’s finest tequilas.

Crushed Agave – The latest news and reviews within the tequila industry.

The Tequila Tourist – Tequila reviews from a true tequila nerd!

The Tequila Whisperer – A video archive from a passionate tequila lover: Lippy, the Tequila Whisperer!

Alcademics / Camper English – Take a peek into the mind of a serious cocktail and spirits geek!

Tequila and Agave landscape Fine Art Photography – The work of photographer Ben Olivares. Truly amazing images of a truly magical region of Mexican landscape.

Sayulita Tequila Journal – One man’s adventures sitting on the wrong side of the right bar, drinking the elixir most magical, in the best town in the world

Monterey Bay Tequila & Cuisine – A fantastic annual event held in Monterey, California, that celebrates tequila and Mexican culture and food

In Search of the Blue Agave – Tequila and the Heart of Mexico

Tequila Aficionado – News and commentary about tequila and the industry

Tequila – via Wikipedia

Consejo Regulador del Tequila A.C – An organization dedicated to the promotion of Tequila

Tequileros – National Chamber of the Tequila Industry

Riedel Tequila Glass – Specially designed for tequila

Heaven, Earth, Tequila – by Doug Menuez