Our Extra Añejo Smackdown!: Seleccion Suprema, Leyenda & Cabo Uno

It’s always nice to have an Extra Añejo around the house, for special occasions or to give to friends who don’t know how far tequila has come. As you may know, “extra añejos” are aged over 3 years and usually have a complex, cognac-like flavor.

We have been collecting some really nice extra añejos on our bar but we had never tried them back-to-back, so we decided to have an Extra Añejo Smackdown!

The contenders: Herradura’s Seleccion Suprema, Gran Centenarrio’s Leyenda, and Cabo Wabo’s Cabo Uno.

There wasn’t a clear “winner,” but a tie for first between Seleccion Suprema and Leyenda. Both are excellent choices but, according to Grover, depending on your company, you might want to bring out Leyenda as a sure-fire winner “for the ladies,” since it is smooth and refined and can be sipped pleasurably all evening.

We found the Cabo Uno to be very intense and spicy – something that you would drink before going out to a dance club or an active party, which is very in-line with their rock-and-roll image. Grover said that this tequila would be good for “a group of guys who wanted to go out and get into to some trouble.”

Seleccion Suprema, the most expensive of the three with a price tag around $350/bottle in the U.S., was smooth like the Leyenda, and had some hints of spice as well a flavorful back, like the Cabo Uno. We felt that the Seleccion Suprema would be a good tequila for an evenly mixed crowd of males and females looking to celebrate a special occasion, or to serve as a great dessert tequila.

4 Responses to “Our Extra Añejo Smackdown!: Seleccion Suprema, Leyenda & Cabo Uno”

  1. VERY informative (and PRETTY) show, guys.


  2. If you are in Mexico – the only place you can purchase this – you must buy as much “Realeza Mexicana Anejo” as you can carry. At ~$42USD / 750ml it is beyond “smooth and refined and can be sipped pleasurably all evening” and for the price it’s unbeatable. I don’t know how to get any without going back to Mexico, so away I go!


  3. After watching this show again I realized that I really *SHOULD* try the Gran Leyenda. I had an opportunity to buy it in MX a few years ago and passed on the (relatively) inexpensive price. D’Oh!




  4. just found your website and love that you guys are able to compare these extra anejos and make a live video very few people do this and i was waiting for a while for someone to do it keep doing this its a great job


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Extra Anejo Smackdown!

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