The Tequila Matchmaker app has a community of 300,000+ tequila fans, aficionados, and bartenders who use it regularly to research, locate, and rate tequilas. In addition to our app, our websites,, and together reach an average web audience of 210,000 unique visitors monthly. Our member newsletter has 230,000+ tequila-loving subscribers and growing. Gaining exposure to our combined audiences is possible through a special set of promotional offerings for tequila brands of all sizes.

We like to come up with creative new solutions for tequila brands, so if you’ve got something in mind that’s not mentioned below, send us a message and let’s talk about it!

Services Include:

Who We’ve Helped

Although we work with tequila brands both large and small, one thing they all seem to have in common is a vision that puts quality first. We’ve been honored to provide our services to some of the most distinguished brands in the tequila industry, including:

    Patrón Spirits
    Tequila Fortaleza
    Volcan De Mi Tierra
    Tequila Don Fulano
    LALO Tequila
    Tequila Siete Leguas
    Tequila ArteNOM
    Tequila Don Pilar
    Cierto Tequila
    Haas Brothers Spirits
    Tequila Gran Dovejo
    Tequila G4
    IWSC/Spirits of Mexico

Tequila Brand Consulting

Private Tequila Review and AnalysisTWhether you are starting a new brand and want to avoid costly mistakes from the beginning, or have an existing brand and need some advice about how to get ahead of the competition, we may be able to help.

We have been on the ground in the Tequila region for seven years, have relationships with dozens of distilleries, have tasted just about everything, and heard a million horror stories from brands who learned the hard way.

Here’s how we have helped some brands in the past:

Case Study #1 : A new brand signed up with a distillery that could not meet their objectives, and needed to find one that could — FAST. Need introductions to honest distillery partners? Not a problem.

Case Study #2 : A new brand had trouble defining which part of the market they wanted to target. As a result, their bottle design, price, and messaging were in conflict. We can provide the honest truth about your plans, help you define your market niche, and potentially save you thousands of dollars, and months of time.

Case Study #3 : A well financed, luxury brand needed to know how to make inroads with aficionados and influencers in a way that felt authentic. We helped them communicate the quality of their products, without the spin, enabling them to forge strong relationships.

Case Study #4 : A high quality tequila brand wasn’t receiving the type of ratings they were looking for on Tequila Matchmaker. We helped them to execute a creative plan to solve this naturally through outreach and a series of blind tasting experiences with Tasting Panel members.

Case Study #5 : A tequila brand needed a way to stand out among their competition during sales calls with retailers and bartenders. We coordinated a series of online training events for their sales reps, and taught them how to highlight the unique parts of their product and brand story.

Case Study #6 : A new agave spirit brand wants to know which production processes they should use to achieve their desired flavor profile, while innovating. We facilitated meetings with industry experts who were able to provide the deep knowledge that they couldn’t find anywhere else, saving them valuable time.

Contact us for rates and availability.

Enhanced App Listings

Enhanced Tequila Brand ListingAt the heart of the Tequila Matchmaker app is an algorithm that provides tequila purchasing suggestions to users, based on their preferences. Brands that supply complete information about their production processes receive more recommendations than those who don’t. We will add this information, as well as a direct email contact, images of your bottles, and locations where people can find your product, to our database free of charge.

The more information you can supply, the better your listing will perform within the app, and the more attention you will receive. For example, you can associate any specific production details that will make your product stand out, such as where your agave is grown, how it was cooked, what extraction method was used, and what type of stills were used. We will happily add this information for you free of charge.

Contact us with as much detailed information that you can provide! (Bonus points for supplying images of your products shot in high resolution on a white background!)

Tequila Brand Awareness Programs

Get your tequila placed in our unique blind tasting program, where we present your tequila to our panel of tequila tasters for fair and impartial reviews, using the Tequila Matchmaker app.

(Private blind tasting programs are also available. When a blind tasting is private, the results are not released to the public. See “Private Tequila Focus Groups and Consulting” below.)

Tequila Blind Tasting KitOur tasting panel currently consists of 114 dedicated, trusted and educated consumers who use our app on a regular basis. They are selected for consistency of scores and fairness in rating all types of tequilas. These tequila drinkers represent your target market: regular people who buy premium tequilas.

The blind tasting program is unique because our technology is able to identify and examine trends and expose preferences. Furthermore, because the ratings are blind, panel members can evaluate each tequila on its own merits, free of brand bias. This creates a level playing field for brands of all sizes.

This is an opportunity for your tequila to be recognized by a third party as a quality product, worthy of attention.

The text and video-based content we create from these events is high caliber, and very credible. This content is produced by us, and distributed via our website and social media channels, providing various promotional opportunities that can supplement your existing marketing plans.

Examples include:
What Are People Really Looking for in Extra Añejos?
Highlands vs. “Lowlands” Tequila: Does It Matter?
Judging a Spirits Competition by Its Winners? Sure, why not?
Putting Diffuser-made Tequilas to the Blind Taste Test

We conduct regular blind tastings like these. If you are interested in participating, please contact us for further details on our content calendar, including upcoming blind tasting themes, and cost of inclusion.

Sales Staff Training

Tequila Training for Sales Staffs We have given our hugely popular Additive-Free Tequila Training to several teams to help them get ahead in the market, with great success.

If you have products on our additive free list, or plan to apply, this is a great place to get everyone up to speed about why the Additive Free movement is important, and how to educate retail partners and consumers.

In addition, we give an in-depth training on Tequila Production Processes, so your staff can talk intelligently about how your products are made and what makes them stand out.

Contact us for rates and availability.

Private Tequila Focus Group Testing

If you’re looking for the truth, here’s where you can find it. By using our tasting panel (or by supplying your own list of tasters), we can conduct a blind tasting tailored to your needs. This can include an analysis of your competition, or help you refine your product’s flavor profile.

Tequila Focus Group Resulting Data

Let’s be honest: If you are starting a new brand, chances are you’re living in a bubble. People are telling you what you want to hear, and this may not translate to success in the real world. By making use of our technology to run blind tasting focus groups, you will know where your product stands in the market, allowing you to make important tweaks before it’s too late. This is a very smart use of resources.

The cost of a focus group is nothing compared to the cost of putting an unpopular tequila into the marketplace.

Whatever questions you have about your product, our technology and staff is here to help.

Contact us for information about our consulting rates, and focus group pricing (based on sample size.)

Advanced Interactive Tools

Several parts of the Tequila Matchmaker app can be integrated into your own website or mobile app. For a one-time setup fee, we can create a custom endpoint for you to connect to our API. (NOTE: You cannot use our API to collect personally-identifiable information about our members.)

If you need a custom API endpoint developed, we can do that too as long as it is in line with our mission of providing educational resources to the end consumer.

Know Your NOM project with Patron

Example (Live data from our API):
– “Know Your NOM”: Patrón Integrates NOM Database Into Their Website Using Tequila Matchmaker Tools

For more information about custom API endpoint development, contact us.