Maybe you’ve been there—you’re out on the town with friends or you’re hosting a party and everyone looks to you to pick the tequila because you’re the “tequila expert.”

The problem is that you don’t know what everyone will like. They may or may not like what you like, or they may not have any experience with tequila at all so what you pick better be good or else it could turn them off on the spirit altogether.

Have no fear—we have a solution for you! Here’s our list of tried and tested tequila crowd pleasers. All of the tequilas mentioned in this video have a special place in our hearts and have won over even the most stubborn cosmo drinkers with their agave charms.

Drum roll, please … Our list of crowd pleasers includes the full line of tequilas from Dos Lunas, the full line from Partida, Cielo (again, blanco, repo and añejo) and Don Julio 1942. We honestly feel that you can’t go wrong with these choices.

You may have to ask a few questions to determine which type of tequila your friends will like best. For instance, do they prefer strong spirits or something smoother and mellower? If they enjoy a drink to pack a bit of a punch, a blanco might be a great choice, but if they like cognac and whiskeys, go with the añejos. For the best of both worlds, choose one of the reposados.

For something really special, go with the Don Julio 1942 extra añejo.

So go out there and order with confidence! These picks will assure your place as the “tequila expert.”

-Taste Tequila