Tequila Review: Don Modesto (blanco, reposado, añejo)

We really love to taste tequila. So when we spot something on a menu or at a bar that we’ve never tried before, we get excited, and can’t wait to give it a try. Sometimes you find a great new tequila that’s destined to become a regular go-to bottle, and sometimes you don’t.

Don Modesto is a new tequila. We learned about it a few months ago through the TasteTequila Facebook page. It was founded in February, 2009 by Carmelo J. Ayala IV, and it will be available for sale in New Jersey this April. In May, people in Illinois will be able to find it in retail stores. Florida and New York are currently scheduled for June/July.

Their full line of tequila (blanco, reposado, and añejo) came in the mail the other day, and we didn’t waste any time. Within a few days we cracked open the bottles, which are hand-blown in Tonala, Mexico, and gave it a taste.

We actually enjoyed the whole line, but of them all, we thought the blanco was the best.

The blanco smells really delicious, with a very pleasant agave scent with a bit of fruit. There was a little bit of bite in the back, but not too much.

The reposado is aged 7 months, and has a vanilla nose. We felt it was smooth, yet contained a bit of spice – nicely done. It’s not over-aged, and contains all of the properties of a well balanced reposado with the agave flavor still present.

The añejo, aged 14 months, has more caramel added to the nose, and it retains all of the spice that the reposado has. The reposado and the añejo both have their own individual personalities, yet you can really taste that they came from the same family.

The only negative we found was that it’s not yet available in California. Hurry up guys!

-Taste Tequila

3 Responses to “Tequila Review: Don Modesto (blanco, reposado, añejo)”

  1. Nice review, but — HEY! Don’t “dis” WET CEMENT! Have you tried the original bottlings of 1921 blanco?? Thick, gooey gobs of WET CEMENT! A favorite taste profile of mine!



  2. Great review guys.

    I am all ears and plugged in.
    Looking forward to your next one.


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Don Modesto Tequila

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