Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, and we know they’ll have good tequila in the stadium. Also, some news reports are showing that we may be drinking more, but going for cheaper brands. These things and more make our “This Week in Tequila” list. If you have some tequila news you’d like to share with us, please let us know.

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Here’s the lastest…

More drinking, cheaper booze

People drank more alcohol during the depths of the recession last year, but chose cheaper brands, according to new report by the AP.
One Kenneth Jolly of Milwaukee was quoted as saying that he had swapped out his favorite tequila, Patron, for the less expensive Jose Cuervo.

To Kenneth: We have to give it to you straight. You could have UPGRADED your tequila to cheaper brand. Confused? Watch this video.

Silver Winner

Dulce Vida Spirits’ Blanco Tequila was selected as the best silver tequila at last week’s Texas Throwdown Competition in Houston. The company’s blanco is produced in the Highlands and is a whopping hundred proof. So far, it’s only distributed in Texas. We’d love to get our hands on it. (Hint, hint.)

Heard on Twitter:

Dos Lunas is the official tequila of Dolphin Stadium, the home of Super Bowl XLIV. Congrats! With Dos Lunas in the house, everyone’s a winner in this game.

Also, Dos Lunas recently came in 4th place for their logo design the firm Logo Design Works. Ranked Dos Lunas ahead of brands like Johnnie Walker, Seagrams, Crown Royal, and Smirnoff, a rare accomplishment for such a young company.

National Margarita Day is Feb. 22

The margarita was the most popular drink in 2008, representing 18 percent of all mixed drink sales in the U.S., and on average, Americans consume 185,000 margaritas per hour, according to The Food Channel website. (With that in mind, coming soon to – making margarita videos!)

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