The Perfect Valentine’s Day Tequila Cocktail

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we decided to make a tequila drink that’s sure to sweeten up your mood. It’s called Phoenix Rising and it was created by Liz Baron at the Blue Mesa Grill in Texas and is highlighted in Joanne Weir’s “Tequila” book.

It’s simple to make with just four ingredients — orange juice, pitted cherries, agave nectar and blanco tequila. The muddled cherries give it a rosy tint.

We used the relatively new PaQui Silvera, which has enough character to stand out from the fruit.

This drink is pleasantly sweet and packs a punch — perfect for l’amour. Enjoy!

-Taste Tequila

2 Responses to “The Perfect Valentine’s Day Tequila Cocktail”

  1. Love your video post, thanks for including me! Great job on the drink. I want one now. Love your blog


  2. [...] The article says this is the “ultimate sweetheart drink.” We haven’t tried it yet, though. Mixing cream with our tequila isn’t high on our list – especially when we’ve got another drink recipe that is already perfect for any sweetheart. [...]


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