More people are drinking at home, people who don’t know anything about tequila are writing stories about it, and there’s good news for tequila fans in Los Angeles. These things and more make it on our “This Week in Tequila” list. If you have some tequila news you’d like to share with us, please let us know.

Here’s the latest…

Tequila’s Battle of the Blancos: PaQui Silvera, Patron Silver, and Tres Generaciones Plata Go Head to Head

PaQui Silvera: We liked it, and that's all that matters!

This Huffington Post story got a lot of attention from tequila aficionados given that the writer apparently knows very little about tequila. Take this comment, for example: “Now, remember that an unaged tequila is not really a sipping spirit.” Au contraire, Tony Sachs — in fact, blancos make great sipping tequilas. As a second blow, Sachs chose Patron Silver as his favorite sipping tequila over PaQui, which we’ve recently tried and is delightful. Huff Post fans, please read our story on the Top 10 tequila Websites and see where to go for quality reviews.

More Americans Drinking at Home, Industry Group Says

There are no surprises here considering that you will pay $10-$15 per shot of tequila out when you could get a whole luscious bottle for around $60. Of course there’s something to be said for getting out of the house and meeting new people every once in a while. We have 80 bottles of tequila at home and we still go out… perhaps we should talk to a financial advisor.(-;

New! “Sipping Tequila”!

A article advertises the merits of a new “sipping” tequila called Casa Dragones.

The article begins with: “No matter how refined a tequila, it generally needs pairing with salt and lime to conceal the harshness as it goes down the throat in fell shot. Which is why Casa Dragones is so unique. Unlike its predecessors, Casa Dragones is a sipping tequila, meant to be savored.”

Why the tequila bashing, people? Drinkers all over the world happily sip tequilas with no lime and salt to mask the flavors.

To get rid of the “harsh” flavors, Casa Dragones distills its tequila multiple times and then adds extra añejo tequila to the mix. It calls its potion “100% Blue Agave Joven.” We are baffled.

Drinks Giant Diageo Announced Fall In Profits

The producer of Cuervo tequila, Guinness, and Smirnoff vodka said that it saw a 10% fall in net income in its first fiscal half due to slower sales in the U.S. Could this possibly mean that Americans are upgrading their margaritas from well tequila to quality 100% agave products? Probably not, but we wish it were true.

RED O By Rick Bayless to Open in L.A.

Famed Chef Rick Bayless is finally bringing his traditional Mexican cuisine to Los Angeles. He said he is also adding “lighter California-style dishes” to the menu to appeal to L.A.’s body-conscious residents. Bummer– we want the real stuff. The good news is he plans to stock a number of tequila as to pair with his cuisine.