What’s the best tequila to drink with your buddies?

Each and every activity seems to have it’s own distinct tequila pairings. When we were in Sayulita, Mexico, in November, we took the opportunity to ask buddies and drinking partners Mark and Gabbi to tell us their tequila-of-choice when they’re just hanging out together, or with a few buddies.

Tequila for the guys! They had an immediate favorite.

Tequila Don Fernando TKO Silver is their choice. Mark is awesome – he gave us a bottle of it to take back home to San Francisco, where we immediately met up with a few tequila-loving friends and gave it a whirl.

You can’t buy this stuff in the USA – and I sure hope that changes. I really liked it- very potent in terms of alcohol levels, but the taste is really awesome. Smooth, lots of pleasing agave notes, a hint of spice and none of the harshness that you might expect.

Just a few shots of TKO and we were all feeling particularly awesome. The next time we go to Mexico, I will be picking up another bottle for sure.

5 Responses to “What’s the best tequila to drink with your buddies?”

  1. Mark appears to have misspoken… the bottle states 100% proof.


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  4. I am the only importer of TKO of the United States if you wish to purchase please contact me. We have our license and are starting to distribute. Please contact me for prices.


  5. Antonio, do you sell don fernando silver? if so, please let me know. i would like to buy some bottles for christmas. thanks


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