We’re back at the SFT Tequila Bar in Sayulita, Mexico with another question. What type of tequila goes good with food? Mark Alberto Holt and Gabbi Villarrubia talk about this from behind Mark’s extensive tequila bar.

(Ever notice how a person standing behind a bar seems to be taken more seriously than just about anyone else? Why is that?)

Both Mark and Gabbi agree that a reposado tequila, like El Tequileño, would be a great match with most food. Unfortunately, you can’t get your hands on El Tequileño in the USA (yet), but a similar substitute would be the reposados from Gran Centennario, Cazadores or Casa Noble.

One reason why El Tequileño reposado is so good – and the reason we make sure to pack our suitcases full of it each time we visit Mexico – is that it is aged just a few weeks shy of an añejo. By law, a reposado cannot be aged in barrels longer than a year (otherwise it becomes an añejo).

The smart folks at El Tequileño age their tequila for about 11 months and 2 weeks, which is what makes it such a smooth and delightful reposado.