The Coolest Tequila Store in Mexico

Where can you find well-known high quality tequilas sharing shelf space with obscure little-known brands that you can’t find in the United States? Be careful, or you may miss it.

El Buho, a small tequila store located just outside of Guadalajara in Tlaquepaque, Mexico, is jam-packed with tequilas that meet the approval of the store’s owner, Emilio – who personally tastes everything before it wins a spot on his shelf.

Each time we visit the Guadalajara region, El Buho is always on our list of places to visit. Surprises are always waiting for us because Emilio is always on the lookout for new and interesting tequila brands.

Not sure if you’re going to like a particular tequila? Just ask Emilio, and he may even let you sample it on the spot. Many of the brands in the store are available for in-store tasting. (Try that in the United States!)

I had the opportunity to interview Emilio in the store (video above.) We talked about some of his favorite personal tequila discoveries – a few of which can only be found in Mexico.

If you want to score some of the rare finds at El Buho, you’re gonna have to make the trip to Mexico. They aren’t able to ship tequilas to the United States. For tequila tourists, this store is a requirement.

Tequilas El Buho
Juarez 164-B
Tlaquepaque Centro
Jalisco, Mexico

Telephone: 36590863

5 Responses to “The Coolest Tequila Store in Mexico”

  1. See, even he doesn’t have Centinela Blanco!

    You gotta love the explanation of what peoples facial expressions with Abuelos.


  2. Even though I don’t drink Tequila, I always take my customers who visit Guadalajara region to this great little store.

    Emilio just loves Tequila and everybody is always pleased with his hospitality.

    Even hard core tasters are tamed by Emilio’s explanations =D


  3. What a very cool store! I was excited to see “El Ultimo Agave” at 6:53. :) Cheers.


  4. If anyone’s looking for Centinela, the best prices and selection are with Tom @ 41st Avenue Liquor in Capitola, near Santa Cruz..

    Tom knows his stuff and is an intelligent buyer. Give him a shot!


  5. I will stop by on my next trip to GDL, fly 3-4 times a year !


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El Buho, Tlaquepaque, Mexico

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