3 Simple Steps to Convert Your Friends into Tequila Lovers

Everyone has a bad college experience that somehow involved tequila. (Go ahead, admit it, you have one too.) As a result, people can be hesitant about tequila later on in life. We run into this situation all the time, and have developed a process for re-introducing people to tequila.

Feel free to use the same process:

Step 1: Set the stage with an informal tasting

Don’t just hand them a shot glass with tequila – this will surely bring nasty college flashbacks. This is exactly what you want to avoid. Skip the salt and the lime, this isn’t a race.

Instead, create a unique experience. Slow down, get nice glassware, and encourage them to sip it. If possible, have a few different types of tequila available so they can see that all tequilas are definitely not the same. Treat the tequila as you would wine, and you’re taking a good first step toward a happy re-introduction.

Step 2: Educate them about tequila and how it is made

The more you know about something, the more you can really get into it. Study up on the tequila basics so you can explain what makes it different from vodka, gin, or whiskey.

Also be ready to dispel some of the tequila myths out there – like tequila being made from a cactus (it isn’t), or that each bottle of tequila contains a worm (it doesn’t), or that you are required to eat the non-existent worm (you aren’t).

Step 3: Choose the right tequila

Give them something of high quality, because chances are that it will taste like something they’ve never had before. We’ve been down this road countless times, and our tequila conversion success rate is remarkably high mostly because we carefully select what they will be tasting.

It’s probably a safe bet to start with some aged tequilas, like the Casa Noble Reposado, Excellia Reposado, or Fortaleza Añejo. (Our favorite conversion tools!) As soon as your friends smell these tequilas, they will already know that they’re in for a much different experience.

Which are your favorite “conversion tequilas?” Please share with us by leaving a comment below.


– Grover

6 Responses to “3 Simple Steps to Convert Your Friends into Tequila Lovers”

  1. I’ve had a lot of luck with Partida Anejo. I explain it’s aged in old Jack Daniel’s barrels which is at least familiar to them. Once they smell it and get the hints of vanilla they’re suitably prepped for the tasting. Now if only it was available in Canada.


  2. Siete Leguas Anejo is a good conversion drink as well.


  3. There are many tequila brands in the market, but the ones to try are the Ultra-Premium Artisanal ones coming from small batch distilleries, make sure that they are 100% Agave and they have that smooth non-burning taste.
    We only like to import these kinds of tequila brands at our company.


  4. I like Demetrio Anejo $30 or Milagro Barrel Select.


  5. Denmark – where our 100% Agave only webshop is located, is rather new territory for good tequila. The market is dominated by Sierra, but introducing Casa Noble does make a difference. Our customers usually come back and have become rather enthusiatic when they discover that tequila can actually taste nice and not leave you with a headache.
    This is a really nice site BTW with lots of good info. Kudos!




  6. I have this problem with all my friends. I say Tequila and they think shot. I tell me I won’t spend money on Jose Cuervo AKA Gasoline (Unless Reserva De la Familia). Sip and relax. They try the good tequila and they become fanatics. WOOO HOOO. I just made all these people Tequila drinkers. Too bad Penca Azul is not in the market anymore. I loved that tequila.


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