Living in Mexico for 2 years, you would have thought we would have had ready access to every tequila ever created, but this is not the case. Although 100% of all tequila in the world is created in Mexico, the vast majority of it is made for export only. In the past 2 years several really great tequilas made their way to market, and we weren’t able to try them until now.

One such example is Excellia Tequila, a product created by two masters in the wine and spirits world, Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, founder of EWG Spirits & Wine, Carlos Camarena the maker of El Tesoro de Don Felipe and Tapatio tequilas.

What these two men have created is an example of master craftsmanship, creativity, and a fearless passion for innovation. The Excellia lineup has been a great “welcome home” for us.

The Excellia Blanco was our favorite of the three. It has a beautiful oily mouth feel, with aromas of citrus and vanilla. This tequila has been delicately rested for a few weeks in wine casks and cognac barrels, which is what gives it that slight hint of wood.

It has a very unique aroma, it tastes delicious, is smooth and silky, with a pleasant finish that lingers on for a while. You could easily drink this all night long and not get bored with it.

The Excellia Reposado (aged 9 months in wine casks and cognac barrels) is great right out of the bottle, but let it open up in the glass for a while, and it gets even better. Over time, we noticed that it developed beautiful floral aromas like violet and lavender, and even olive and leather. It has a nice spicy finish at the end.

The Excellia Añejo is aged longer than the reposado (18 months in wine casks and cognac barrels), so it naturally brings with it some additional wood properties – including some bitterness that many añejo drinkers love. It has some dried fruit and desert aromas as well. The finish was similar to a dry white wine, and is very warm and comforting.

This tequila has earned a permanent place on our bar at home. Give it a try and let us know if you feel the same way.