“Fresno Chili Tequila Julep” Tequila Cocktail Recipe

The Tequila Mix MastersTequila-based cocktails aren’t usually on the menu at most bars, but a few brave souls are working to change that. This is the first in a new series from TasteTequila.com called “Tequila Mix Masters”, where we find rockstar bartenders who have a special place in their heart (and their drink recipes) for tequila.

Jen Queen of Snake Oil Cocktail Company in San Diego has been making a name for herself in the Southern California bartender scene. She’s known for creating lively, innovative cocktail recipes like the “Fresno Chili Tequila Julep,” a spicy, fresh, and absolutely delicious, tequila-based cocktail.

“It’s a twist on a classic,” said Queen. “A julep would not normally have citrus but I love citrus and spice, and with tequila to lift all of those flavors.”

“I chose Siete Leguas reposado because I get really bold citrus and spice out of that and I thought it would pair really well with a little bit of wood on the back-end, and an aged apple cordial that I am going to put in as well to lift the viscosity,” she said.

Drink Name: Fresno Chili Tequila Julep
Mixologist: Jen Queen, Snake Oil Cocktail Company
Tequila Used: Siete Leguas Reposado
Filmed At: Cafe Coyote, San Diego, CA


1.) Start with a quarter of an apple, cored and sliced

2.) Add a few slices of fresh ginger root

3.) Add a few slices of fresno chili (save the cap for a garnish!)

4.) Add a few fresh mint sprigs (palm-bruised to release the oils)

5.) Put the apple, ginger, chili and mint into a glass and muddle it down

6.) Add 1/2 ounce of fresh squeezed lime juice

7.) Add 1/2 ounce of agave nectar

8.) Add 1/2 ounce of Leopold Brothers Apple Cordial

9.) Add ice and shake

10.) Add 2 ounces of Siete Leguas reposado tequila

11.) Fill a glass with crushed ice and fine strain the cocktail into it

12.) Garnish with some mint crowns and the fresno chili cap and serve!

2 Responses to ““Fresno Chili Tequila Julep” Tequila Cocktail Recipe”

  1. That looks like a very tasty cocktail! I love cocktails that require muddling of fresh fruits, herbs, etc. I will definetely have to give this one a try here at my bar. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Jenn is a true artist! I also like the CN Bottles on the bottom right corner :)


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Tequila Julep Cocktail Recipe

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