We got back from our whirlwind Tequila trip last night and, happily, there is a lot to report. We visited distilleries in both the highlands and lowlands, sampled artisan tequila made using traditional methods (a mule pulling a giant stone to crush the cooked agave) and met some truly lovely people along the way.

Scarlet takes notes with the help of a digital voice recorder during a personal tour of the Siete Leguas tequila distillery.

Scarlet inside the Siete Leguas distillery.

As soon as we get all our notes and photos together, we’ll be sharing everything with you, but here is just a short list of the posts you can expect in the coming days:

– Lowland tequila vs. highland tequila.

– The “natural” method of making tequila vs. the “unnatural”.

– Reviews of Siete Leguas blanco, repo, añejos and their brand new extra añejo (which isn’t available in the USA yet!) We brougt a bottle of this back with us for “research.”

– Reviews of tequilas you haven’t heard of yet, but may become your future favorites.

We’re bursting with stories, so stay tuned… and keep sipping.