dos-banderas-sangritaYou may have read about our love of sangrita before, so we are happy to announce that we’ve found a new bottled sangrita available here in the States. I know what you’re thinking: “uh oh, bottled sangrita.” Believe me, normally I’m with you on this one. I too like a tasty, homemade batch of sangrita sitting in the fridge, but this is not always possible. And like you, I have also seen the day-glo pink bottles of Vuida de Sanchez sangrita, which are frightening enough to make you forget about the idea of a tequila chaser all together.

But I must say, this new bottled sangrita is pretty good. It’s called Dos Banderas, and it is made and distributed in Indiana. Unlike Viuda de Sanchez, it’s a nice, deep, red indicating tomato juice instead of grenadine, and you can see a little pulp from the natural orange and lime juices. The flavor is a balance of tomato and orange and the consistency is neither thick nor watery, more like juice.

As we’ve mentioned before, Grover and I prefer “chunky” sangrita with a spicy kick. Dos Banderas isn’t in this vein, but the makers encourage you to add a little black pepper and Tabasco if you like it spicy. We did, and it gave it an extra edge.

While my sangrita high-bar will always be the homemade version made at the San Angel Inn in Mexico City (chunky, fresh and delicious), Dos Banderas is a nice tequila accompaniment to have on hand. It’s not distributed in retail stores outside of Indiana (yet) but you can buy it online at

Now we are curious to see how the owners—Indiana natives—will go about educating American drinkers on the virtues of sangrita. We wish them luck, and give them a “salud!” for their efforts.