Our plane touched down at the Guadalajara airport in January, 2008. After a few days of fun in a hectic Mexico City, we were ready to wind down and, hopefully, tour some tequila distilleries and listen to a whole lot of mariachi music. Happily, we did both.

I was in non-stop picture-taking mode, and went especially crazy while we toured the tequila distilleries.

[flv:/videos/tequila-mexico-tour.flv 396 264]

When we got home I had a ton of images, and I wanted to do something with them. (My mother always complains that I shoot all these pictures, but nobody ever gets to see them. She’s right.)

Scarlet and I decided to create a little video of our trip. The video (above) is a special Tequila edit, with images and video from Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque, and Tequila.

The song, “Volver, Volver” has become our theme song. (“Volver” is Spanish for “to return.”)