TasteTequila's list of Tequila Brands active on Twitter

Although we’re certainly not hardcore Twitter junkies, we do use it from time to time. One really cool new feature that Twitter just released is called Twitter Lists, and it allows users to be “curators” of a list of other Twitter accounts.

So we just assembled at list of tequila brands that are active (or have accounts that we could find) on Twitter.

We’ll be on the lookout for more brands and add them to the list as they pop up. So if you want to keep up on what the brands and distilleries are up to, you can follow our list. If you’ve got suggestions for brands to add to our list, please let us know!

Our initial list includes 48 different tequila brands: Partida Tequila; Solde Mexico Tequila; El Grado Tequila; Tequila Los Valores; Sauza; Aha Toro Tequila; Azunia Tequila; Dulce Vida; Tequila Nocaut; Tequila Nuestro Orgullo; PaQuí Tequila; Tequila Comisario; Republic Tequila; Fortaleza Tequila; Tres Generaciones Tequila; Alien Tequila; 901 Silver; Casa Noble; Dos Lunas Tequila; Angel Tequila; Ambar Tequila; Tequila Azcona Azul; Carambia Tequila; Casa Dragones; Cruz Tequila; DeLeón Tequila; Don Pilar Contreras; Don Valente; Luna Sueño Tequila; Don Modesto; Inocente Tequila; El Don Tequila; Fat Ass Tequila; Karma Tequila; Mejor Tequila; Muchote Tequila; Tequila Tierras; ORO Tequila; Riazul; Senor Frogs Tequila; Solorzano Tequila; Tequila Alquimia; 3 Amigos Tequila; Tequila Huizache; Tequilas La Pinata; Tequila Capaz; Teteo Tequila; and Voodoo Tiki.

There are some big obvious brands that we haven’t been able to find, like Cazadores, El Tesoro, Don Julio, Gran Centenario, Pueblo Viejo, and Siete Leguas. If/when they ever pop up on Twitter, we’ll add them to the list.

— Grover