Agave 99, Kosher TequilaMy Jewish friends, your prayers have been answered. New York businessman Martin Silver is launching a Kosher tequila called Agave 99, just in time for Passover. But watch out, because this 100% agave beverage is 99 proof.

Star Industries is producing 500,000 cases of the punchy sprit in a Mexican distillery using methods certified by a rabbi. Although its official U.S. launch is set for Cinco de Mayo, a limited amount will be available for Passover.

According to the Star Industries Website, Agave 99 will come in añejo, reposado and blanco. The añejo is aged for a minimum of two years in American oak barrels while the repo is aged 10 months in French limousine casks.

We’re not even Jewish and were dying to try these, although the proof level could be enough to inebriate even a seasoned sipper.