There’s something about Siete Leguas blanco that serious tequila drinkers really love. It has a pleasant nose of agave and earth aromas and the taste is strong and traditional, yet smooth. Many think it is what a blanco should be — it carries a true agave flavor, with a medium spicy finish at the back that is memorable.

So imagine our surprise when we visited the Corrido distillery last week and some people in our group started comparing Corrido blanco with Siete Leguas blanco. Corrido has its differences, for sure. The nose is a little more pungent and fruitier, but it too is packed with agave flavor. The Corrido coats your mouth in a more viscous way than Siete Leguas and is smoother overall.

There was an obvious moral dilemma going on with a few of members of our group — they absolutely loved Siete Leguas blanco but now they were thinking that they may have found something better. However, at the distillery it was hard to say because we only had the Corrido and our fuzzy memories of Siete Leguas. So, we decided that we would compare them at home head-to-head.

We asked fellow Corrido tour members Ryan Kelley, The Tequila Examiner, and Clayton Szczech of Experience Tequila, to sit down with a glass of each of the blancos and tell us which they liked best.

See them, sitting on our porch, tasting the two blancos in this video:

As they repeatedly smelled and tasted each blanco we could tell it was a tough challenge. But when they came to their final decisions, a new standard in blancos was made. The winner: newcomer Corrido blanco!

The love of long-time favorite Siete Leguas was still present, as they qualified their choices – saying both were  exceptional blancos and could actually be enjoyed together.

“It’s a meal,” Ryan said. “Start off with Siete Leguas and finish it up with the punch of the Corrido.”

So although Siete Leguas still has a warm place in our hearts, it just goes to show that with a variety of tequila is that exist today it’s possible to find a new favorite, even if you’re not looking for one.

(See our review of Corrido’s full line.)

-Taste Tequila