Something about the Sol de Mexico bottles gripped our imaginations and we couldn’t wait to try the golden spirits inside. The bottles have an artisan feel that made us think that the tequila was produced using a traditional process that rendered a classic product.

When we finally got a chance to sample their contents we discovered that we weren’t far off. That’s probably because this line of tequila has been produced in Mexico for decades and has just recently come to the States.

The blanco tastes of slight vanilla, cucumber and spice with a flair of a finish that is common in traditional tequilas. The repo was an intensification of the blanco but with butterscotch flavor added to the front. The añejo takes it one step further with more caramel and a long peppery finished.

The most remarkable thing about this line is that the flavors connect and build as the tequila is aged to create a distinctive family.

Each tequila is full of flavor that stays with you long after you’ve swallowed. It would be interesting to see how they pair with food—the añejo with dessert and the repo with something savory.

As far as we know, Sol de Mexico is only available in Arizona and California (at BevMo and select other locations) at this time, but if you see it on the shelves give it a try. It makes for an interesting sip and will certainly give you and your friends something to talk about.

-Taste Tequila