With so many new tequila brands making their way to the market, experienced tequila drinkers often look for clues that indicate if a particular brand is worthy of a try. Clues can take the form of a particular process or distillery, as well as the people behind the brand. For us, it means a lot when a new brand has a well-seasoned and reputable master distiller who carefully crafts the flavor profile, and watches over the process.

Fortunately, Gran Dovejo has just such a master distiller in Leopoldo Solis Tinoco. Solis also had a hand in Don Pilar and Siembra Azul, among other well-known tequilas. Based on this alone, we were anxious to give this tequila a try – and recently, we did.

Gran Dovejo is made in the highlands of Jalisco using many of our favorite techniques: the use of very ripe single-estate agave, cooked in clay ovens, distilled in copper pots, and created in small batches. (In other words even more “clues.”)

Its blanco has a strong agave nose with aromas of citrus, olive, and pepper. In the mouth it has a nice oiliness with a gentle, minty finish. The reposado has aromas of butter and vanilla, with an added touch of cinnamon to its flavor profile. The reposado is aged for 6 to 9 months in American oak barrels.

The añejo has intensified vanilla and oak flavors, as well as a lighter finish. It is aged up to 3 years, or whenever Solis says it’s ready. The entire line is balanced and pleasant, and it’s nice to see the continuation of aromas and flavors from blanco to añejo. There is a slight bit of astringency throughout the line, and it is most prominent in the añejo, but is not a deal killer.

One thing we like to do when tasting a tequila is to leave our tasting glasses out overnight so we can see how the aromas have changed or intensified after the alcohol has evaporated. During the tasting Grover said that he was picking up on a cherry aroma in the añejo, and the next day it was confirmed with a very strong cherry and cinnamon aromas in the near-empty glass.

If you are already a fan of Solis’ other products, we’re certain that Gran Dovejo will not disappoint you. If you’re not, we recommend that you give this one a try.