This week’s Weekend Sipper is:
ArteNOM Selección de 1579 Blanco – “Breath of Fresh Air”

With this tequila, get prepared for a full and rich agave experience. It is made by Felipe Camarena at his distillery, El Pandillo, located in the tiny town of Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico.

We’ve declared our love of this distillery many times already, but products like this make us want to fall in love all over again. Simply put, nothing bad comes from this place.

With that said, the ArteNOM line of products, the brainchild of Jake Lustig, is worthy of our respect and praise. His mission is to expose tequila lovers to some of the best distilleries in the industry, and El Pandillo (NOM 1579) easily makes the cut.

This tequila is made with a combination of rain water (50%) and mineral-rich deep well water (50%). Agaves are cooked in traditional brick ovens, then crushed using a mechanical tahona, and later distilled in copper pot stills. The blanco that comes out then goes through a 24-hour oxygenation process before it is bottled.

The result is a tequila loaded with cooked agave from front to back, as well as earth, pepper, and minty aromas and flavors. It’s very oily in your mouth, and a joy to drink. We’re going to be drinking this baby all weekend long.

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You can get it online for $50 at Old Town Tequila, here: ArteNOM Seleccion 1579 Tequila Blanco