This week’s Weekend Sipper:
Terralta Añejo Tequila – “Earthly Pleasure”

If you think the term terroir only applies to wine, the Terralta line will make you think again. Aromas of soil (earth, mushrooms) and minerals remain even in the añejo, mixing pleasantly with barrel flavors such as vanilla, maple, and caramel.

Terralta, made by Felipe Camarena at his El Pandillo distillery in Jesus Maria, Jalisco, is a beautiful expression of the rich soil of the tequila highlands, and the añejo is a hands-down crowd-pleaser (as our nearly empty bottle illustrates.)

We don’t typically drink añejo tequilas because most of the time the agave is buried underneath too much wood, but that is not the case with this lightly-aged product.

Agaves are cooked in brick ovens, and crushed using a mechanical tahona, fermented in stainless steel vats, distilled in a copper pot still, and aged in used white oak barrels. The water used is from El Pandillo’s mineral-rich deep well.

We will be drinking this all weekend long, and enjoying its earthly pleasure to the last drop. Time to re-order!

You can get it online for $57 at Old Town Liquor, here: Terralta Añejo Tequila

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