A few days ago we got our hands on the full line of El Gran Jubileo tequilas and we sat down with them over a couple of nights to sip and see what we would discover.

What we found is that overall it is a smooth and consistent line that is pleasant to drink.

The blanco is distilled three times so it’s mellow to drink but still retains a crisp agave flavor with notes of citrus. The reposado was my personal favorite because it is just as smooth as the blanco but carries more spice, thanks the 10 months it spends in American white oak barrels.

Their añejo is actually an extra añejo since it is aged for five years in American white oak barrels with a slightly heavier char than the repo barrels. The añejo is full of caramel and vanilla flavors. It is a complex, cognac-like tequila that would please drinkers who are looking for that distinct, aged flavor.

The line is currently available in Texas and Florida but is coming to San Francisco soon. If you get a chance, pick up a bottle and invite a few friends over for a pleasant evening of conversation and smooth sipping.