A recovery for the tequila industry in 2010; a new website for Herradura; mixing your tequila with cream; and what the hell are “Tequila Balls?”

These things and more made it on our “This Week in Tequila” list. If you have some tequila news you’d like to share with us, please let us know.

Here’s the latest…

Grupo Cuervo predicts tequila market recovery in 2010

The tequila industry will see increased exports in 2010, according to a Grupo Cuervo report.

One of the largest tequila producers says that it expects to see tequila exports increase this year, thanks to new channels that are opening in Asia and Europe. As exports grow, the Mexican government is also working to strengthen the identity of tequila abroad and emphasize its dominion of origin.

We’ll drink to that! The more the Mexican people actually benefit from the popularity of tequila, the better.

Herradura redesigns its website

Ryan Kelley from The Tequila Examiner writes about Herradura’s new website, which “aims to educate consumers about the tequila heritage and craft that has defined the brand during the last 140 years.”

When we first heard of this, we tried to access the site with our iPhones, but were unable to see anything because it is created entirely in Flash. (Booo!) Because we are dedicated tequila lovers, we put in the extra effort and visited with an actual computer.

The website looks nicely designed, and as Ryan says in his story, there are good bits of educational information here for both tequila newbies and aficionados.

Maybe someday they’ll build a website that doesn’t require Flash?

Spice up your party – mixing tequila and cream?

The Times of India website published a drink recipe called an “Agave Kiss” – a creamy drink that features silver tequila, white creme de cacao, double cream and Chambord.

The article says this is the “ultimate sweetheart drink.” We haven’t tried it yet, though. Mixing cream with our tequila isn’t high on our list – especially when we’ve got another drink recipe that is already perfect for any sweetheart.

Gilbert tequila importer finds recipe for success (and love)

Debbie Medina, 47, and Jonathan Gach, 50, “met a little later in life” according to a story by AZCentral.com. They met in 2006, fell in love, and today they have formed SeƱor Rio Tequila, a tequila importer located in Gilbert, Arizona.

More proof that tequila is liquid love in a bottle! (Although, we don’t need any more proof than this.)

Castle Brands Announces Fiscal 2010 Third Quarter Results

Castle Brands makes Tierras tequila, the first USDA certified organic tequila. Their reports, which included Tierras tequila and Jefferson’s Presidential Select bourbon and Betts & Scholl wines, show a decrease of 6,484 cases sold during the fiscal 2010 third quarter as compared to cases sold in the prior year period.

The report didn’t mention the sales of tequila by itself, so we aren’t able to determine if tequila sales were up or down compared to the other spirits in their product line.

“Conserve water — drink Tequila.”

We spotted this story on the Phoenix New Times website, and immediately fell in love with the slogan used by Barrio Cafe: “Conserve water — drink Tequila.”

Just that slogan alone makes us want to visit Phoenix for more that just a layover stop during our flights to Guadalajara.

‘Tequila Balls’ takes tequila to a new level

The CNN website writes a story on “Tequila Balls, “A Japanese third cousin of the jello shot, Tequila Balls are a new way for women who dislike strong drink to still drink up.”

These are cute and they look like a fun novelty, but if anyone (man or woman) thinks that all tequila is strong and foul and requires that it be hidden inside of a jelly-like substance – they’re haven’t tried GOOD tequila yet.