The other day our good friend Mark Alberto Holt, creator of the SFT Tequila Bar in Sayulita, Mexico, stopped by with a very special gift. He had managed to obtain a rare and much-coveted bottle of El Tesoro de Don Felipe 70th Anniversario extra añejo. This baby is aged 7 years in American white oak bourbon barrels and only 2007 cases were made. The Camarena family released it in 2007 to celebrate 70 years of tequila making.

After hearing Mark talk about the special properties of this tequila—including the fact that it contains juice from especially sweet agave that survived a freeze—we just had to try it.

This tequila has a pleasant nose of sweet agave, vanilla and cherry with a distinct note of molasses. Once it hits the mouth it is soft and smooth with hints of cherry, and honey. The agave “bite” at the back is extremely subtle, making this a great choice for drinkers who prefer rich, subtle flavors over more traditional tequila qualities.

In short, this is a must have extra añejo, if you can find it. Thanks, Mark!