Añejo tequilas — meaning tequilas that have been aged in a barrel for one to three years — are often rich in flavor and aromas. These are the cognacs of tequilas and they deserve special treatment. A shot glass just won’t do because, as we mentioned in the previous post, shot glasses don’t allow for proper aeration of the spirit.

I sat down with local tequila consultant David Ruiz to explore which glasses were best for tasting complex, aged tequilas. We lined up a champagne flute (which mimics an official Riedel tequila tasting glass – which interestingly, was chosen only for white tequilas), a wine glass and a brandy snifter to see which glassware would come out on top.

We were looking for a vessel that would allow us to explore all the subtle flavors and nuances of a very fine añejo. We selected Los Abuelos Añejo (which goes under the brand name Fortaleza in the U.S.) for our test since it has complex and distinctive flavors. It is both earthy and sweet, but the precise flavors and aromas you pick up depend on the quality of your glassware.

And once you’ve watched our video, try simulating the experiment at home with your favorite añejo. We wouldn’t be surprised if you enjoyed your favorite even more after switching glasses.