During my night job, I sip tequila. But during the day, I work with photographers via my company – PhotoShelter. Usually, my two worlds don’t mix. But back in July, that changed when Scarlet and I attended the Mayahuel Awards, which is like the Academy Awards for the tequila industry, run by the Mexican Academy of Tequila Tasters, in Guadalajara, Mexico.

As we entered, I immediately noticed lots of really nice images of the agave landscape and people working in the tequila industry. I looked closer, and noticed that the photographer’s name was Ben Olivares – a PhotoShelter user. It was at this point I realized my two worlds just conveniently bumped into each other.

I approached Ben, introduced myself and he was very surprised to see me there. But we quickly agreed to keep in touch and meet up in person again later.

A few weeks later, I arranged to visit Ben at his home so I could conduct a video interview with him. We talked about marketing and creating your own opportunities as a photographer – things that tend to be very interesting to other photographers. The interview ended up in a blog story called “6 Steps To Conquer A Niche Photo Market“.

The video also features many of his incredible images from the Tequila Valley (three of which will be hanging on our walls shortly.)

If you’re a photographer AND a tequila lover like me, you’ll probably really enjoy this video, but there still plenty for a tequila fan to enjoy too.

– Grover