This Week in Tequila

Tequila-related News of the Week

These things and more made it on our “This Week in Tequila” list. This list feels a bit like “News of the Weird,” which, by our calculation, should increase the entertainment value by at least 17% (maybe more in some states.)

If you have some tequila news you’d like to share with us, if you’ve heard a tequila rumor, or have any amusing suggestions for our weekly list, please let us know.

Here’s the latest…

A family that sings about tequila, makes us want to drink

This appears to be real, folks. A story posted on the website features an Irish family’s rendition of an old country-and-western song our beloved beverage, “He Drinks Tequila.”

“A mother – Mary Murray-Burke – and her teenage children, Derek (18) and Dervla (17), give a fascinatingly memorable performance,” the story says. “Mary, with her glamorous blonde updo and distinctive gaze, pumps the keyboards while siblings Derek and Dervla gambol about eagerly like hyperactive spring lambs, belting out suggestive lyrics…”

This makes for some highly entertaining SNL-style viewing. The story, however, continues:

“If you were being unkind, you might describe them as a spoof version of something, perhaps the Osmonds. But the fact is, He Drinks Tequila makes for strangely compelling and addictive viewing, and when it’s ended, you immediately want to watch it all over again. You also feel an inexplicable urgency to instantly tell everyone else about it.”

Perhaps we are being unkind, but we felt an “inexplicable urgency” to share this with you:

Tequila-infused beverages relate to California’s massive deficit?

Over at, Yobie Benjamin, “an experienced senior executive with expertise in innovation, technology and new business models,” offers some commentary about the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) cracking down on bars because they were serving fruit-infused alcoholic drinks including tequila.

“ABC alleges that infusion changes the character of the booze by allowing it to mature on the shelf in a process called “rectification” that is illegal without a special license,” Benjamin said. “One thing is clear, the ABC agents do not know anything about chemistry because alcohol does not “mature” on the shelf when you put a pineapple in it.”

We have seen bars in San Francisco doing this with tequila, but we’ve never been tempted to try to actually drink the stuff. Tequila is just fine without any added infusions. We also had no idea it was illegal.

But, Benjamin points out the state’s “twisted logic” attempting to justify this law, which includes, “Fruit infused flavored vodka will entice minors to drink” or “Alcohol will mature when you add fruit into it”.

So where does the California’s deficit come into play? Benjamin connects the dots for us at the end of his story.

“There are many stupid laws and regulations in California and many people hired to enforce them no matter how dumb they are,” he said. “If we want to fix California’s budget, take away half of the stupid laws and regulations on the books or defund the incompetent bureaucrats who choose to enforce clearly dumb regulations.”

Goldfish Tequila shots event called off

The website posted a story about the cancellation of a drinking event that involved serving patrons a shot of tequila with a goldfish swimming inside of it.

The New Zealand bar’s owner, Logan Hughes, said he canceled the event because the bar “does not need the hassle of a moral debate.”

The best part of the story (at least from our perspective) are the pages of angry comments left by readers.

“Goldfish are companions not food. I know someone who has had their goldfish for about 10years now. The owner of this bar should die.”

Whoa, there! Let’s not be so quick to judge this poor guy! Before we pass a death sentence on him, we would first need to know what tequila the goldfish would be swimming in. If it’s a mixto like Jose Cuervo Gold, then yes, you may have a point. This is cruel for goldfish and humans alike.

Package Design Reviewed: Tres Agaves Tequila

We’ve been hearing rumors that San Francisco restaurant Tres Agaves has created their own brand of tequila, but haven’t yet been able to get any details regarding it’s availability.

More evidence of a Tres Agaves Tequila has been found in the form of a review of the product’s package design on, which comes complete with pictures of blanco, reposado, and anejo bottles.

According to the story, this tequila is meant to be paired with the Tres Agaves brand agave nectar. “Tres Agaves is an authentic 100% agave Tequila created specifically for making world-class margaritas.”

The tequila is created from agave plants that have been “cultivated in the volcanic soil of the Jalisco lowlands.”

In California: Budget cuts result in tequila fund raising event

This past July, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger drastically slashed funding for the state’s Domestic Violence Program. As a result, groups like the Walnut Avenue Women’s Center (WAWC) have decided to get creative with fund-raising efforts of their own.

The City on a Hill Press website, produced by students at the University of California Santa Cruz, published a story about the group’s decision to raise funds by holding a tequila tasting event.

This is a very interesting pairing, because the story mentions that alcohol abuse is “the center of a lot of people’s trauma.”

“It’s not for doing shots or getting drunk or crazy, it’s really about tasting the tequila and enjoying it,’ said Felicita Rasul, associate development director for the Women’s Center. “It’s not about encouraging drinking, it’s about learning more about a drink that you already enjoy.”

Thanks to to Governator, we have another reason to drink.