The cool folks at PaQuí actually sent us a bottle of their Silvera tequila in the mail, so we happily gave it a try. Our first impression: great bottle! Up until this point, we had never heard of this tequila – but since we love to try new things, especially tequila, we gave it a go.

The taste is spicy and fruity, but consistent and smooth, and overall very pleasant. It is made in small batches in the town of Tequila and there is also a reposado and an añejo in this line. I would definitely recommend that people give the Silvera a try. In the video you can see me searching for a good time/place to pull this out, and what popped into my head was “hanging out with the guys.” Scarlet also thought the Silvera would make a mean base for a margarita.

It’s a really flavorful, spicy tequila that retains its agave core, yet brings its own character to the table. We gave it a thumbs-up.

— Grover