Just in time for Valentines Day we go back to our wise tequila experts from Sayulita, Mexico: Mark Alberto Holt, and Gabbi Villarrubia. We asked them which tequila would be their choice when the goal is to impress a woman. Of course, they have answers to this.

Mark’s choice was the Suave 35, a tequila that is made by Herradura – designed especially for women. It is relatively new, and may not be available in all areas of the United States yet. We actually had the opportunity to try this last year when we were visiting the Herradura distillery.

Scarlet, who herself is a lady, wasn’t impressed. Doh! Oh well.

Gabbi’s suggestion was La Cofradia. He said that his wife “fell in love” with it, and as such, makes is a great tequila for women.

Any woman who enjoys any tequila is A+ in my book.

— Grover