The most common question we’re asked is almost impossible to answer without additional info.

“What’s the best tequila?”

We will always ask, “What’s your budget?”

So we decided to take this question to Mark Alberto Holt, of the SFT Tequila Bar in Sayulita, Mexico, and Gabbi Villarrubia of the Sayulita Tequila Journal. Specifically, we asked them to tell us their favorite tequila for the money. Under $50, and under $100.

Gabbi’s choice is just about anything from the Corralejo family of tequilas. He shows the camera a bottle of triple-distilled Corralejo Reposado, which sells for under $50 in most places.

Mark’s choice was the very smooth and popular Don Julio 1942, which we’ve seen for sale for $99 in various retail stores in California, and some online liquor stores.