We recently got our hands on a bottle of Alien tequila, a relatively new brand brought to us by Alien Tequila Spirits, headquartered in Area 51, Hiko, Nevada.

These guys certainly know how to market – the bottle is shaped like an iridescent alien head and all their marketing materials fit in with the extraterrestrial theme.

Their tagline is “Be Abducted” so we had to see what would happen when we uncorked a bottle of their silver tequila. (See exactly what happened by watching the video below.)

I usually prefer aged tequilas but this one went down smooth with a gentle fruity flavor. If you are considering sharing this bottle with a few friends, I’d say go right ahead and try some of the specialty cocktails that they suggest, including ones with names such as “Alien Tequila Sex With An Alien,” “Alien Tequila Red Planet” and “Alien Tequila Encounter.”

Of course, since both their añejo and extra añejo won a gold medal in last year’s San Francisco World Spirits Competition, I’d love to get my hands on a bottle of their aged spirits as well, but they not available in San Francisco yet (Update: You can buy it at Liquid Experience in San Francisco (415) 255-6718.) If you’ve given the añejos a try, let us know what you think.