A while back we did a review of a tequila with an odd name and a cool bottle: Alien blanco. We can still remember enjoying its gentle fruity aromas. So, when we heard that the brand was producing a new extra añejo, we were anxious to get our hands on it. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long – they sent us a bottle before it was even released to the general public.

(You can buy it at Liquid Experience in San Francisco: (415) 255-6718, and they will ship it upon request.)

Again, we loved the presentation of its iridescent alien-head shaped bottle, but don’t worry, this tequila has substance in addition to style.

The extra añejo is a pleasant surprise because it retains a nice agave nose that mixes well with butterscotch and vanilla aromas. The smell of it alone invites you to dive in for a taste. The taste does not disappoint either – it hasn’t gone too far in the aging process like some extra añejos, and it has a very nice mouth feel and a gentle finish with hints of agave and anise.

We always get excited about small brands that are doing it right, and it certainly seems like Alien tequila owner George Harris has done a good job at turning his passion into a quality product. We got a chance to speak with George when he was in Mexico City recently, meeting with his bottle maker. He dropped by our bar with his business partner Irma Aguirre, and we shared a few drinks, and of course, plenty of tequila talk.

Alien is distributed in a handful of states including, Nevada, Ohio, and Michigan, and they are looking to “abduct” people in more states soon.

If you get a chance to get your hands on a bottle, try it and enjoy.


P.S. In the video, we forgot the name of George and Irma’s restaurant in Las Vegas (sorry!). It’s called “Mundo” and it’s worth a visit.

Alien Tequila owners, George and Irma with Grover

Alien Tequila partners, George (left) and Irma with Grover (right)